Stainless Steel Bottles Are the Freshest

There is a way to keep your drinking water fresh and pure. Keep it in stainless steel containers.

Not too many people realize that the plastic bottles they drink out of and carry around with them (leave in hot cars and out at room temperature) quietly leach byproducts into the water. There are at least two byproducts of concern – BPA and phthalate, as both of these affect taste and water purity.

BPA is the shortened form of Bisphenol A and is classified as an organic compound. Bisphenol A has been thought to be hazardous since the early 30’s but recently made headlines when a US government report, once again, questioned how safe it was for human consumption. H20 Labs understands this problem and had begun marketing stainless steel water bottles.

Science says that low doses of bisphenol A can mimic the body’s hormones. Over the long-term it is possible it may cause chronic toxicity in humans. This report and its implications caused a stampede of retailers to pull items made with BPA off their shelves.

Phthalates are actually esters of phthalic acid which are most commonly added to plastics to make them more flexible. However, when this chemical is heated – for instance in a hot car – the chemical leachs into the water. This chemical has a long history of causing liver problems, endocrine problems, and reproductive problems; it is noted to be associated with an increased risk of cancer.

The phthalates are regulated in amount in tap water; however, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has an exemption for bottled water. That is downright scary. There are two chemicals in plastic bottles that have the potential to cause damage due to prolonged exposure. With the number of people who carry their plastic water bottles around with them daily, this is of real concern. This is precisely why H2O Labs started marketing stainless steel water bottles.

It makes sense health wise and environmentally to switch over to using stainless steel bottles to carry daily drinking water. The flavor is much better, as there is nothing like pure, fresh water with a pleasant taste for a healthy body. Just ask H2O Labs to explain what the stainless steel water bottle will do to improve the water we carry with us everyday.

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