Repairing Blackberries the Old-Fashioned Way

Blackberry devices CAN be fixed once they get broken.

It’s like a refrain. My blackberry is busted and it won’t work no matter how I jiggle it. When I was a kid, if someone told you about a smashed blackberry you’d be thinking fruity – perhaps worrying about stains that would be difficult to scrub out, or just cleaning up a tiny mess. But look at what a few decades have done. What kind of Blackberry is it? It might be an 8100, 8120, or 8130 Pearl. What’s broken? Has your trackball fallen out of your Blackberry? Have you lost or broken your trackball ring? What about your chrome side rail set for your Blackberry 8100? Are your rails broken or scratched? Has your battery door latch fallen out of your Blackberry? Why won’t your battery door stay on?

Then there are the issues with LCD screens. Is that nifty clear protective lens that covers your LCD cracked or badly scratched? What happened? What did you do to your little contraption? You just need a replacement OEM lens and all your worries will be over.

It gets worse. Other components can get damaged with your Blackberries. Perhaps you’ve had keys falling off your keypad like a case of high-tech eczema. Solution – replace the entire keypad, not just the missing keys. A brand new keypad with exactly the right color scheme will have you typing again in no time.

What if none of the above has happened, but something even more critical has been damaged? Help! I’ve lost my memory card door; I can’t remember where I put it. This kind of amnesia is becoming increasingly typical with the technologically-challenged these days. The solution is easy. Just order an OEM memory card door.

You can even protect your Blackberries from some of the destruction that you’re very likely to put the poor thing through. Personalize and protect your Blackberry with a new skin; skins come in assorted varieties and colors: black, blue, clear, or red. These aren’t exactly epidermis, but are rubberized shell guards; old-fashioned in their way, like the old-style “rubbers” used in bygone days to protect a fine pair of shoes.

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