Repair Shops That Fix Blackberries Are Like a Dream Come True

Original manufacturer Blackberry devices seem to always be out of warranty. Before you throw your Blackberry away, head to a repair shop that can fix the thing.

Each year, more than a million abandoned Blackberry communication devices end up in landfills. “I saw one the other day,” asserts Joe Smoltz, a resources recovery and valued team member employed at a landfill this side of New Jersey. Joe did. Hundreds of abandoned Blackberries may be peeking out of smelly refuse in the state of New Jersey alone. You don’t have to be a leprechaun to find one, although it helps.

The question is, Why do the little contraptions end up there? How do they respond to being abandoned in such a cruel, impersonal manner? Were they programmed for this bleak eventuality before they left the manufacturer? Or perhaps more pertinent, is there another way?

Rather than toss the thing into the garbage so that your Blackberry ends up in the landfill, you can get your device diagnosed just as if it were a human patient at a hospital, or at least a pet at your local vet; and once diagnosed, your Blackberry can be repaired – even if it is out of warranty. Independent repair shops, franchised or chains, or occasionally single stand-alone shops opened by an entrepreneur with a knack for fixing these enterprising little machines, are becoming increasingly convenient options.

Often surprisingly inexpensive, the Repair Shop option may be able to replace your trackball or your LCD screen if it is cracked or broken due to the carelessness of your significant other, or due to the inappropriate intervention of a large South American rodent inhabiting your night table by your bed, perhaps someone inconsiderate let the capybara in? Wasn’t it supposed to be a yard capybara, and not a house capybara? It’s too late now, as it perched on your night table thinking it was a cat, and suddenly you were awakened by a series of odd noises, the most ominous sounds emanating from your now damaged Blackberry. You head into the repair shop, dazed but somehow confident. “My capybara …” The repair person behind the counter is friendly and immediately realizes your predicament. “Screen cracked? Scroll wheel no longer navigating correctly?” he asks. It’s obvious that you’ve come to the right place.

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