No Pay or Co-Pay ?

You will know if you have co-pay if you work for a company and only pay a part of the doctor’s office bill when you see a doctor. It’s that simple, and yet complicated at the same time. Many people just love their co-pay and would be lost without it, and that’s the problem if they quit their jobs or get laid off – no more co-pay. If you want to opt to get co-pay while you are solo, that will cost big bucks.

The thing is, many people don’t realize that co-pay is NOT insurance, it’s a benefit and companies pay out a lot of money to offer co-pay as a perk for their workers. This isn’t to say you can’t get co-pay if you’re on your own, but ask your local insurance agent about that first, as you may have to rethink that strategy and opt for something else more affordable.

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