Let CPR Fix Your Blackberry

No matter what ails your Blackberry, CPR can repair it to make it seem brand-new again.

It’s happened to you, to your loved one, or to someone else you know, but to whom you are relatively indifferent. A Blackberry accident, a mishap causing your trackball to fall out of your Blackberry 8100, 8120, or 8130 Pearl, has made you a saddened consumer, and an even sadder one when you discover that your manufacturer’s warranty has expired. “My trackball,” you scream to anyone within earshot, “is gone!” You feel like you did when your pet lizard died, or when your pet turtle was crushed when someone slammed a door; its shell cracked like your Blackberry’s LCD screen, which unfortunately, you just noticed. A wave of depression assails your senses. You are BUMMED.

If someone calm, cool, and collected is within earshot, they might whisper a sweet something into your nearest ear, “CPR can fix your Blackberry.” The soothing sounds of a solution echo in your consciousness like rain dousing a fire. The voice in your head is authoritative, a low rumbling basso profundo, and the words come into your mind’s ear again. “CPR can fix your Blackberry.”

Indeed they can. CPR’s trained and qualified technicians can fix most Blackberries. A trackball solution is often fairly simple. CPR can have a complete trackball replacement assembly available for you in a wag of a lizard’s tail; trackball, metal retainer, and outer chrome ring will soon make your Blackberry whole again. Suddenly you, or a loved one, or else someone you know but are relatively indifferent about, will have your trackball back. CPR will provide you with a replacement screen, too.

But what if something else befalls your Blackberry? Maybe the rails on your Blackberry Pearl are broken or scratched. A CPR solution might be a chrome side rail replacement set that will make your device look brand new again. How about a battery door latch? “My pet turtle somehow crawled into my Blackberry and now my battery door won’t stay on,” says someone you are acquainted with, but are justifiably envious of because their pet turtle is obviously alive. Can CPR provide them with a replacement door latch assembly for their Blackberry? Quite possibly a courteous and trained professional behind the counter at a CPR franchise can.

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