Is That Water Really Safe to Drink?

Heaven knows we have all asked ourselves this question at one time or another after taking a drink of water right out of the tap in the kitchen – is this water really safe to drink?

That’s a really good question and the answer in most cases is a qualified maybe, and it could depend on what type of water purification system you have in place. However, having said that, have you had your water tested lately? If the answer is no, then it might be time to do that. It’s not a complicated process and the results don’t take forever to come back.

What happens when water is tested? Basically what happens is the sample you take to the lab will be put into a container that has a chemical reactant in it. If the water turns color, pollution is present. The range of colors that show up tell the lab technician what type of contaminant is present. If you don’t know this type of information about your own water supply in the house, you may be compromising not only your own health, but also that of your family members.

This will totally boggle the imagination. Did you realize that there are well over 80,000 chemicals and pharmaceutical contaminants in our water supply? The scary thing is, where there is smoke there is usually fire – meaning if there is one type of contaminant present in your water supply, chances are there are going to be others found as well.

If the above figures don’t give you pause for thought, then think about this. There are roughly 2,000 (give or take) chemicals often found in our water that are noted carcinogens (cause cancer). Yes, that would include the chlorine in most water supplies intended to kill parasites. You may be thinking by now that the Environmental Protection Agency is the watchdog for things like this, and they’re doing their job, but are they?

Although tap water is indeed tested by the Environmental Protection Agency, it isn’t done with the same frequency as it is performed at water treatment facilities. This is because they just don’t have enough people to go around to test our reservoirs. So what about your drinking water at home?

While you might think that a filtration system would be the answer to the drinking water dilemma, you could be wrong. The only method of getting the very purest drinking water possible is through a water distillation system.

Water distillers make your tap water as pure as it can be, and there is no other method that is more effective at doing this. This is particularly the case if you are talking about filtration systems. While they may filter out some things, and mask the taste and odor, the filters are often a source of contamination on their own. Be smart and stick with a water distillation system.

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