Health Care Costs Are?

You might not want to know this type of information, but actually it’s vital that you do if you are to understand the turmoil the health care system is in today. Let’s take the example of a broken leg. The price tag for that misadventure is over $20,000.00 – you read that right, over twenty thousand dollars. That is just for a non-complicated fracture; if there is anything else that needs to be done, the price escalates.

If you have health care insurance, great; if you don’t, guess who pays the bill? Right – you do. How many Americans in this day and age have $20,000.00 on hand to pay that kind of bill? Not many. This is precisely what insurance is for – the major catastrophic events in your life, not the sniffles and fever.

Get wise to how much you pay for services when you demand health care and you will start to see just how much sense it actually makes to be insured and not take the chance.

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