Green Living Actually Means Eating More Veggies for Health

Eating green is the best way to keep in tiptop healthy shape. Being in tiptop healthy shape will keep health insurance premiums down as well. Now that’s a nice surprise.

If we continue to eat green, think green, go green and live green, we will eventually get the connection between being green and being healthy, which means we pay less for health insurance premiums. While this may come as a revelation for some, it’s been this way in the health insurance industry for many years.

The fact of the matter is those who are overweight or obese are subject to more medical expenses. Since that is the case, they then wind up paying more for their health insurance premiums. Being that staying fit and eating healthy is a personal choice, one would think saving money on health care premiums would be a motivator to lose weight.

It seems it is not that simple. The problem of weight loss in America is one of complex psychological issues, medical issues, self-esteem issues, and just plain being lazy in some instances. The only way overweight and obese people are going to stay as healthy as possible is if they use the health care system to stay healthy. However, these people tend to overuse the system because of their health issues.

The issue then becomes how to deal with overweight health care participants who use the system much more than people who are in shape; and thus send the costs of health care for the healthy individuals sky high. This is quite the vicious cycle, and answers do not come easily when dealing with this type of conundrum.

One obvious answer may be to promote a healthy lifestyle. However, proponents of a lifestyle that make better eating choices etc. are pointing out that despite promotion of a healthy approach to life, freewill choices people make are dictating a resurgence of overweight and obese people across the nation.

Health insurance companies have no choice but to raise their health insurance premiums for these people, as they are not good insurance risks. Perhaps a solution may be, as in Canada and in other places, offering surgical assistance for problems only if an overweight patient loses weight first. It’s food for thought at any rate.

The bottom line here is if someone is seeking good insurance rates, they have to prove to the health insurance underwriters they are a good risk. If that isn’t the case, higher health insurance premiums are the result of individual lifestyle choices. If a health insurance broker feels an individual is a poor risk, they may do nothing, increase rates for the person applying, or rider/waver and exclude some condition(s). They aren’t in business to lose money.

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