Fox Meadows Medinotes e for Chiropractic Revitalizes North Carolina Practice

North Carolina Chiropractor used to making adjustments for disorganization no longer has to do so.

Larry Blaisdell has been a chiropractor for eleven years. While he’s always maintained a busy practice, it was beset with what he calls “disorganization issues.”

“My assistants would misplace a patient’s medical history, especially as it applied to chiropractic care, and I’d lose three or four hours hunting for that one file,” he says. “It got to be more than annoying, it was plain frustrating.” What Dr. Blaisdell used to do was adjust to his office dysfunction. “I’d make adjustments for time I knew I’d lose to disorganization issues,” he asserts. “but the time allotted for these adjustments kept increasing.”

Forced to do something proactive, he purchased Medinotes e for Chiropractic from Fox Meadows. Medinotes e has revitalized the Blaisdell practice. “Everything is much better now,” he asserts.

Medinotes e for Chiropractic is an electronic medical record system with exceptional features and functionality. Newly redesigned, users now have complete control over the system and are able to create custom displays and intake screens, add or remove items from the hierarchical tree, and quickly toggle between multiple patient folders. This flexible software program has been broken down into four convenient views: Practice View, Patient View, Document View, and Object View.

“Practice view is global,” Blaisdell agrees. It gives a chiropractor a global view of events occurring within his/her practice. A chiropractor’s staff is able to review all Patient/Practice alerts, messages, patient-flow, pending results from reference laboratories, pending histories from Instant Medical History, automated tasks, and more.

Patient View is able to display multiple patients simultaneously; each with their own color-coded tab. Patient View Screens can be completely customized.

Document View is actually a second global view, enabling a chiropractic office to quickly filter all Medinotes e documents by document type, provider, or date. It can follow-up such sorting with equally relevant printing – printing to specific printer settings designated for that document type.

The Object View is also exciting. This feature gives chiropractors an opportunity to review, customize, and save templates and examination dialogs in one convenient area.

No wonder Medinotes e from Fox Meadows Software is revitalizing chiropractic practices.

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