Fox Meadows EMR Software Medinotes E Is HIPAA Friendly

Medinotes E evaluation method is the key to easier HIPAA compliance.

Medinotes E makes life easier for thousands of clinicians struggling to comply with the ponderous Federal HIPAA regulations established in 1996, so much so, that the software solution has been certified for the regulations by the HIPAA Academy, a national HIPAA educator and certification specialist. This certification accords that Medinotes e 4.3 meets or exceeds the HIPAA standards required for an electronic medical record software, but just don’t take the Academy’s word for it.

The E-Accelerator Methodology was used to review HIPAA requirements from the perspective of a Medinotes e patient. All HIPAA mandates apply to these clients. HIPAA Academy has attempted to identify the maximum number of situations where a service or feature in Medinotes e could provide relief. Recommendations were grouped under the most appropriate mandate, with highest impact recommendations listed first.

The evaluation method used is essential to indicate if an individual ChartingPlus response is “acceptable” or “unacceptable.” In instances where recommendations were accomplished quicker than suggested, in a way that provided greater protection, an “exceptional” evaluation is given.

The overall response has proved satisfactory or exceptional. Every area considered met the criteria of “acceptable” or “exceptional.” The product particularly excels in how privacy is ensured by embedded security features.

Fox Meadows has always valued confidentiality, integrity, and availability as a critically important triumvirate. This three-pronged list of attributes is evident in every product we install, as shown in our approach and designated product features. Our staff strives to look beyond the specific request to discover broader applications. Medinotes e, for instance, logs every change a user makes. Confidentiality is reiterated when all scripts sent to users are encrypted. Sometimes our staff feels compelled to “blaze a new trail,” if methods used in the past are proving inadequate. If a process needs to be redesigned or even replaced, it gets done. That’s the Fox Meadows mandate for excellence.

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