Fox Meadows EMR Software Is Just What Obama Ordered

Medinotes E from Fox Meadows complies with every criterion that the new administration could possibly ask for.

Medinotes E is already a fixture in the offices of some 50,000 clinicians nationwide. If there’s one company that is ready to fill the needs of the President’s new economic stimulus package – in the arena of EMR software and the long overdue modernization health care in America – it’s Fox Meadows. For instance, our Practice Management Software is helping thousands of physicians in more than 20 medical specialties automate their practices with intuitive functionality – intuitive because it’s flexible to a myriad of office environments. Imagine essential patient information that IS available at the point of care. Add into the mix electronic prescribing capabilities, chief complaint templates to make documentation fast and efficient, patient graphics to illustrate diagnostic and treatment information, and patient instructions that can be printed or emailed. If he experienced a demonstration of Medinotes E in action, President Obama would be surely be impressed and in his eloquent oratorical style, he’d probably mention the obvious: Medinotes e maximizes a physician’s time for direct patient care in the most efficient way imaginable.

Administration officials might observe how our competitor’s EMR and practice management software can be confusing and require a physician’s staff to navigate from screen to screen for the correct information that’s needed STAT – as a few of the bugs have yet to be worked out in their software packages. By contrast, Medinotes e uses a new approach based on clinical work flow that has an additional benefit of reducing training time for busy medical staff. Based on a facsimile of multi-tasking concepts designed for internet users, convenient tabs in Medinotes e allows physicians and their helpers to efficiently manage the multitude of tasks inherent in a clinical encounter. The system’s capabilities are uncanny: Medinotes e can display multiple patients, encounter notes, work flow items, patient messages, alerts, and inter-office communications.

Medinotes e from Fox Meadows has to be precisely what President Obama ordered.

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