EMR Packages Can Help Chiropractors

A busy chiropractic practice can benefit from electronic medical record software packages in significant ways. The improved functionality and flexibility of these packages can facilitate record-keeping to an extraordinary extent.

V.P., a neurology-inclined practitioner based in Rhode Island, used to misplace patient records on a daily basis. “It was annoying, and potentially dangerous,” he says. “Our system consisted of hard copy folders, all paper, with no electronic interfaces. Folders were stacked in odd corners of the office, and were subject to my idiosyncratic whims as to where they might be found. Our situation was precarious to say the least.”

Recently, V.P. has acquired a state-of-the-art electronic medical records system, providing a comprehensive database for patient information, histories of treatment, diagnoses, and follow-up.

The new system has required a minimal learning curve, as navigation is simple; note windows and other graphics allow for straightforward access of information. With his new EMR package designed especially for chiropractors, V.P. can follow every patient while multi-tasking with impunity.

To purchase his EMR software package, V.P. explored the features and functionality of more than a dozen similar packages which were available for his clinical specialty. Some were confusing and required his staff to migrate from screen to screen for the information they were seeking. “We were looking for a system with less navigation, not more,” V.P. asserts.

EMR packages which utilize tab concepts for simplicity and ease of navigation were the most attractive options. Tabs in an electronic medical record allow for an unprecedented level of multi-tasking, which in turn contributes to an extremely well-organized and efficient chiropractic office environment. V.P. ended up choosing an EMR solution that offered a variety of views. His choice of EMR package contained a global view of events occurring within his practice; was able to display multiple patients at a time, each with their own color-coded tab; allowed for a comprehensive sorting of relevant documents; and also allowed for the opportunity to review, customize, and save templates.

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