E-Scan Paperless Software from Fox Meadows Fits President’s Stimulus Package

When it comes to electronic scanning of patient’s medical records, Fox Meadow’s E-Scan is just what President Obama ordered.

President Barack Obama’s nearly $800 billion stimulus package has included several endowments for improving the state of medical record-keeping in the United States, in an effort to modernize and improve overall patient care along with hospital efficiency. High on his list is to eliminate the laborious and cumbersome manual scanning of millions of documents relevant to a patient’s medical history and ongoing care.

Physicians and clinicians of varied description, together with their harried staffs, currently spend an estimated jillion hours each year searching for – and when they find them – searching through, patient files for essential information. That figure may be conservative. Says John Doe S. Smith, M.D., based in East Greenacres, Rhode Island, “We used our state-of-the-art little green abacus to figure it out. In 2008, my staff and I spent 1.64 jillion hours searching for patient records. That’s up from 2007, when we spent 1.47 jillion hours doing the same thing.”

Yet despite this millstone of work dragging many practices into a kind of perpetual drudgery, some physicians remain hesitant to implement an Electronic Medical Record system, but would still like to be a paperless office. Others are considering implementing Medinotes e EMR and would enhance their scanning capabilities if there only was a way. Fox Meadows is offering an option that just might work: MediNotes eScan. Its benefits are many. Did you know that eScan will improve office productivity, allow for quick retrieval of documents (which saves money), and even helps to ensure patient privacy? By setting specific permissions on a document or document types, a clinician can provide only those users who NEED to view a document access to it; eScan also tracks who has viewed, modified, or exported a document and on what date or dates. For multiple practice locations, eScan works even better. The system allows medical staff to easily share documents with other employees across multiple practice locations. Scanning and storing files electronically has yet another built-in advantage also – you can rest assured that documents remain safe and backed-up in case of a fire or other unexpected natural disaster.

E-Scan is an intermediate solution that if implemented on a wide scale across the United States, might prove to some skeptics that the President’s ambitious stimulus package, or at least a crucial component of it, is actually working.

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