Dental Med Mal Not Common

Dental medical negligence, while not common, is certainly an area open for litigation.

It’s a routine visit to the dentist, you have been there before, he’s a good dentist, and you’ve have no problems with his work. This visit is about starting a root canal and that means the administration of the mandibular block – the needle filled with freezing that is inserted through this tiny little hole at the back of your mouth, nestled in between the upper and lower jaw. Talk about needing a good, steady hand to hit that mark and not rupture any blood vessels in the process.

The shot is done, you are lying back in the chair in a reclined position and suddenly WHAMMO, you feel like you are about to pass out. You are sweating, panting, filled with fear and your heart is racing madly. You call out to the dentist and they rush to your side to sit you up and try to figure out what went wrong. You eventually get taken to the hospital for what turns out to be a drug interaction between the freezing and an antihistamine taken first thing that morning.

Is this case one for the courts? Good question, and definitely one that you need to be asking a qualified med mal attorney. In this example, no one was killed, however there have been cases of death due to the improper use of anesthetic, severe injuries sustained as a result of dental surgery and failure of the dentist to notice oral cancer, etc.

While these cases are not all that easy to litigate, a highly experienced dental negligence attorney will be able to take a case to court and get a settlement. Be aware that in most dental negligence lawsuits the damage awards tend to be smaller.

At the root of the case, your lawyer will be representing you on is the premise that the patient (you) had the reasonable expectation to get professional care, accurate diagnosis and the right treatment. You also have the right to expect due care and attention when it comes to administering freezing.

If you have any doubts about a trip to the dentist that resulted in some serious injuries you are struggling with, make your first call to a highly competent med mal attorney who will assess your case and advise you how to proceed.

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