CPR-Cell Phone Repair Offers Excellent Franchising Opportunities

CPR has made a name for itself by offering great quality repairs on cell phones and iPods for customers all over the United States. Now CPR franchises are becoming a fast-growing trend throughout North America.

Over the past several years, growth of the CPR-Cell Phone Repair services has been phenomenal. Nearly everyone has a cell phone that requires repairing at one time or another. Cell phones and iPods are dropped, cracked, submerged in liquids, exposed to excess heat or cold, or stepped on by careless feet in a million places every day. Components wear out as warranties expire. Sometimes a device will “act up” in strange ways and sending the thing back to its maker means a lengthy delay before a customer gets it back. In response to this pressing need, a unique business structure has been developed. It’s now possible for you to become a CPR-Cell Phone Repair franchise partner.

Such opportunities are already available in many U.S. states and Canadian Provinces for qualified investors. Our company began in Illinois, but it shows no sign of ending there. The Windy City was the cradle of Cell Phone Repair, but CPR is growing up.

For a modest outlay of capital (minimum investment = $75,000), you can own a burgeoning repair business with an established reputation in more than twenty locations in the United States and Canada. Cell phones and iPods will only increase in consumer usage as the next several years pass. As manufacturers of these devices become increasingly unwilling to foster maintenance and scale back customer support due to changing economic conditions, independently-franchised repair outlets will prove more and more convenient – and more and more necessary as an option for beleaguered customers who own cell phone, iPods, and similar electronic communication devices.

Friendly staff at CPR outlets are already becoming a sought after fixture in the minds of North American consumers. While franchise opportunities aren’t yet available in Rhode Island, North Dakota, South Dakota, Virginia, and Alberta, a CPR franchise is waiting for qualified partners just about everywhere else.

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