CPR – Cell Phone Repair Can Repair Water-Damaged Devices

CPR-Cell Phone Repair has an 85% success rate repairing water damaged devices.

Your hand slips and your cell phone falls into a swimming pool, sinking below the surface. You dive in, intent on a cell phone rescue. It ends up being a swan dive, and when you retrieve your wet phone, it’s suddenly a swan song. Your expensive cell phone doesn’t work! Something is damaged in your phone’s inner workings. Is it the phone’s battery, displays, circuitry? An annoying little dot in the display has ominously changed color, indicating that liquid has entered your phone, rendering it inert, but you knew that already. You may not have known that your cell phone’s one-year repair warranty issued by its manufacturer has also been rendered inert. You could park your keester in a nearby poolside chair, and begin your invariably embarrassing crying jag.

Or it could be time for CPR. Cell Phone Repair may be near enough so that you could walk with deliberate speed and intent to their nearest repair shop. If it’s not, you can use someone else’s phone, even a cell phone if you can bear to look at one, and call your CPR to discover where the nearest CPR-Cell Phone Repair is located. There’s also the mail-in option if you live in a different state, or perhaps a Canadian Province.

The miracle is that while most of CPR’s competitors avoid wet phones like the Wicked Witch of the West in the classic Oz scene avoided water, CPR maintains an 85% success rate with repair solutions for water-damaged devices – the best in the business. Maybe you removed the SIM card right away after the device got wet, maybe you didn’t. The fact is, once we remove the battery and get rid of any excess water that might be still inside your phone, and apply other drying techniques to aid in restoration, it won’t be long before even that little sensor, has changed back again into the reassuring color that you’re used to seeing. You might find yourself exclaiming, “How dry it is!”

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