CPR Blackberry Repair an Excellent Option

Reasonably priced service for Blackberries at CPR includes a versatile list of potential repair and replacement options.

Nancy’s Blackberry had a cracked screen. She wasn’t sure about how the screen became cracked, but cracked it was; like a naked almond out of its shell. She knew something else about her Blackberry: its manufacturer’s warranty had expired. She had a moment when she almost panicked, but then picked up the phone. She knew who to call: CPR.

“I heard from a loved one twice removed that CPR was the place to take my Blackberry,” she explained, “but can they fix it?”

They could fix it, and would fix it. Nancy received prompt, courteous service that began with a polite question or two about what was wrong with her device, “Its LCD screen is cracked,” she said, but the nice, trained and qualified technician didn’t even ask her how the damage had occurred. “How did you hear about us?” the CPR technician did ask.

She replied confidently, “From a loved one twice removed,” she repeated. Although the CPR professional appeared slightly puzzled by Nancy’s response, he hardly missed a beat. “Oh,” he said, “we can fix your handheld with a replacement screen. It’ll look brand new.”

As she waited in the shop, Nancy observed other walk-in customers getting solutions for their Blackberry issues, as well as service for cell phones and iPods; and about any other device imaginable. Besides several other cracked or broken screens, she overheard one Blackberry-related customer ask about a trackball replacement assembly, and another mention a scroll wheel that wasn’t navigating correctly. Another had been missing keys from a Blackberry keyboard; finally, guess who’d been there all along? It was Nancy’s ex-husband, Nick, asking about his Blackberry’s escape button, perhaps an exchange prompted by unexpectedly encountering his ex-wife Nancy. The professional CPR technician waiting on Nick noticed that the man obviously recognized Nancy, and flashed him a knowing glance. “Yeah, she’s my loved one,” he admitted, “twice removed.”

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