Buying Fresh Produce at Your Nearest Farmer’s Market

It’s not only a cost saving measure in these tough economic times, it’s also a health tip recommended by California Health Insurance Agents.

Sam Mason had recently been laid off from Escondido’s Hog Heaven pig farm. “Working there saved my bacon,” the somewhat virile father of seventeen often said as he reminisced. His wife, Alicia, had lost her job too, at the nearby Rude Awakening Agnostic Pre-School, where she’d worked part-time Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, sans benefits. Sam had also lost his health insurance, which had been part of the pig farm’s benefit package. He’d had a PPO with a $50.00 deductible. The premium was $1,460.00 a month under the pig farm’s rather demeaning “runt plan,” but Hog Heaven picked up all but 10% so he’d allowed the unintended slight to pass. Being laid off meant COBRA if he wanted it, but he didn’t because 102% in his case would soon turn into a rather odious piggyback.

Anyway, other challenges beckoned. Putting food on the table, especially healthy food, for his newly poverty-stricken spouse and brood, the eldest eighteen and male but also unemployed, seemed daunting. Sitting on the family’s prized “cozying up” couch agonizing about “taking his brood down to the trough” as he put it (a cheap group meal served for nineteen featuring cholesterol-laden cheeseburgers and fries) seemed like cruel fate until he recalled a tip he’d gotten from a visiting California Health Insurance Agent, when he’d still been slopping at Hog Heaven. A huge Farmer’s Market had opened roadside on I-15 down toward San Diego. He didn’t have a fortune in cash on hand, but “Maybe we can work something out,” he told Alicia. “I’ll say a p-prayer,” she said, committing to religiosity as much any laid-off agnostic can.

It must have worked. The Mason adults and some of their older kids wound up “working for food” and came home with a carload of fresh fruits and vegetables and even a year’s supply of tofu. The tofu prompted the Mason’s articulate twelve-year-old, Timothy, a tiny boy for his age, to invent a pun. “They’ll be calling us “Curd Nerds,” he kept on saying, in his own peculiar and also irritating fashion.

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